cymatic fountain
Cymatic Fountain is a permanent outdoor water feature installed in Monrovia, CA in July 2021.

This video shows the fountain cycling between overflow and vibration states.

A parabolic mirror mounted on a polished aluminum pedestal reflects the open sky, shaping the small pool of water contained within into a liquid lens. As ambient light is caught in a cascading series of reflections between the curved mirror and the underside of the water, a speaker housed within the sculpture vibrates the bowl with subsonic frequencies to disrupt the water's smooth surface with cymatic patterns, scattering light into a scintillating display. Choreographed performances of vibrations slowly build and dissipate, entraining the viewer into a relaxed and meditative state of mind.
The fully reflective surface causes the sculptures to blend into any given environment, creating the illusion that a dew drop of water floats in mid air. 
'Speaking Water' in the desert gardens of Sunnyland Center & Gardens
Cymatic Sun

Cymatic Sun is a projected artwork that translates sound into a visual experience through water reflections. A large parabolic mirror, acting as both vessel and optic, is filled with water and vibrated with a transducer that plays subsonic frequencies. These sound waves propagate through the water to form cymatic patterns that when illuminated, refract light to create real-time projections.

Documentation of Cymatic Sun screening during Crosssroads Film Festival at SFMOMA in 2018

Documentation of theatrical installation for Mono No Aware VIII, screened in New York in December 2014