Polished aluminum pedestals topped with parabolic mirrors reflect the open sky. Small pools of water fill these optical vessels, which shape the water into a liquid lens. As ambient light from the surroundings enters the parabola it is caught in a cascading series of reflections between the curved mirror and the underside of the water. Speakers housed within each sculpture play low and subsonic frequencies, which emanate throughout the aluminum to form cymatic patterns in the water. These wave patterns disrupt the smooth surface of the water lens, scattering light into a scintillating display. Choreographed performances of vibrations slowly build and dissipate, entraining the viewer into a relaxed and meditative state of mind.
The fully reflective surface causes the sculptures to blend into any given environment, creating the illusion that a dew drop of water floats in mid air. 
Temporary installation of 'Speaking Water' at the Sunnyland Center & Gardens