The 'Speaking Water' works are sculptural exercises that explore water and light as artistic mediums.
​​​​​​​Three highly polished aluminum pedestals are topped with parabolic mirrors of varying depths and focal lengths. Each parabola is coated with a hydrophobic solution that suspends a shallow pool of water. The refractive index of this water distorts the optical properties of the parabola, resulting in complex lensing phenomena. At times the environment above appears as a virtual image suspended within the pools of water. When viewed from a more shallow angle, the underside of the water acts as a one-way mirror, forming an echo chamber of reflected light.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A tactile transducer within each sculpture produces vibrations that form cymatic patterns in the water. The vibrations are tuned to the resonant frequency of each parabola to create standing waves, which oscillate at just the right frequency to appear motionless.